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The Bradley's from Inishowen Co. Donegal

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This web site follows the desendants of James O'Bradley, born 1700 on the Inishowen peninsular in County Donegal, Ireland and in particular the families of James' five great great grand children.

My grateful thanks for all the information provided by members of the Bradley Clan, many of whom have visited this site and left geedback via the guest book.

There is still much is still to be discovered and that which is written here may not be without the odd flaw.

The provision of additional material and photos would always be be most welcome and would help us all in discovering our heritage.

(If you are able to provide material or photos then please use the request form on the "Whats New" page to make contact).


Thanks go to all those members of the Family who have proivided information and photographs which have helped in publishing this internet site. In particular a special thanks go to Bill Bradley, Danny Bradley and Noel Bradley, whoes tireless eforts in researching and publishing the origional Bradley Family History provide me with the idea and enthusiasm to build this web site.

Site origionally created by John F Bradley 2001

Please take time to visit my guestbook and let me know what you think of this site.