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The Bradley's from Inishowen Co. Donegal

Family of Catherine Bradley Doherty (1866 - 1932)

Catherine Bradley

Catherine Bradley (1866-1932) and Philip Doherty (1856 - 1931) were married on 11 November, 1886 in St. Mary Cockhill, R.C. Church, Buncrana, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. They lived in Carndonagh and had seven children:


Philip died on 5 December 1931, and Catherine died on 12 January 1932.

James Doherty

James Doherty (1887-1972) and Margaret McGee were married in St. Francis Church, Glasgow, in 1921. They had six children: Catherine, Mary, Bernard, Margaret, Sadie and Teresa.

James has died in July 1972, and Margaret died in July 1977.

Catherine Doherty married Danny Skullen. After Danny's death, Catherine married James Reynolds. Cathy and Danny had one daughter, Margaret, who married Tommy Saunachan. They have two children, Margaret Clare and Thomas.

Mary Doherty and Bernard Doherty are not married and are living at the home address.

Margaret Doherty died at the age of two.

Sadie Doherty married John Gilloohy (John died in 1990).  They have four children: John, Stephen, Paul and Margo.
John married Jeanette and have a daughter, Clare. .
Stephen married Elizabeth and they have a daughter, Amanda.
Paul married Alisen.

Teresa Doherty married John Delap and they have four children: Anthony, Anne Marie, Sean and Brendan.
Anne Marie married Anthony Lynch and they have five children: Anne Theresa, Sean, Catrina, Emer and Sara;

Maryanne Doherty

Maryanne Doherty (1889 - 1927) lived in Carndonagh. She did not marry, and died on 23 December 1927.

Annie Doherty

Annie Doherty married Peter Murphy. They live in America and have one daughter, Cornelia.
Cornelia married Robert Davidson and they have three children: Anne, Bobby and Mark.

Cornellius Doherty

Cornellius Doherty (1892 - 1925) lived in Carndonagh. He did not marry, and died on 24 November 1925.

Bridget Doherty

Bridget Doherty (1893 - 1966) did not marry. She worked as a housekeeper in various Boston homes, and returned to Carndonagh where she renovated the family home. She died on 1 February 1966.

John Doherty

John Doherty (1893 - 1957) was born on 29 June 1895 and died on 20 May 1957. He traveled to America on a passport dated 3 March 1920. He left Londonderry, shipped out of Glasgow on the Anchor Line's Columbia on 31 March 1920, and arrived at Ellis Island on 10 April 1920. He became a US citizen on 30 January 1928.

John married Mary Logue and they had four children: Catherine, Anne, Evelyn and Eileen (John died on 20 May 1957).

Catherine married Stuart Bacon but are now divorced. They have seven children: Stuart, Christopher, Jeff, Susan Carolyn, Paul and Laura.
Stuart is married to Kathy, and they have three daughters, Erika, Andrea and Kelly.
Jeff married Sheilla with her two children, Shay and David;
Susan Lewis is divorced.
Carolyn married John Geist and lives in Australia with their three children, Daniel, Kristra and Shelly.
Paul married Sharon.
Laura has a daughter, Catherine Ellen.

Anne Doherty married Vincent Raphael. They have one daughter, Eileen.

Evelyn Doherty married Albert Vitagliano but are now divorced. They have four sons: Albert, Steven, Kenneth and Paul.
Albert (Buddy) originally married Carol and subsequently remarried Lisa Guillet (who has two daughters, Jen and Caityn, from her first marriage).
Steven married Debbie (who died 5 Oct 1987) and they have a son, Michael.
Kenneth married Nancy McCann and they have two daughters, Hallie Ann and Julia.
Paul is single.

Eileen Doherty married James McElhinny but are now divorced. They have two children Moria and James.
Moria (Eileen's adopted daughter) is married to Shawn Holmes and they have three children, Shawn, Michelle and Adam.
James is married to Catherine Mary Delaney and they have three chrildren: Meara, Brigid and Owen.

Philip Doherty

Philip Doherty was born on 12 October 1900 and married Margaret McElhinney. They have six children: Kathleen, Bill, Phil, Mary, Anne and Margaret.

Philip died on 7 January 1972, and Margaret died on 6 June 1988.

Kathleen Doherty married Joe McLaughlin and they have five children: Garvan, Sinead, Liam; Searbhia and Seosaimhin.
Bill Doherty married Aileen and they have four children: Philip, Liam, Mairead and Anthony.
Phil Doherty now lives in Tasmania.
Mary Carmel Doherty married John McCarrogher and now lives in Australia.
Anne Doherty married Paddy McElroy and they have three children: Claire, Emma and Edward.
Margaret Doherty married Patrick Gill and they live in England with their two daughters: Orla and Mairead.

Our thanks go to Kathleen McLaughlin and John Denis Gilloohy who provided this information.