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The Bradley's from Inishowen Co. Donegal

Family of James Bradley (1863 - 1940)

James Bradley

James Bradley (1863 -1940) and Annie Gillespie (1869 -1911) were married 10 Feb 1898 in St. Mary's Cockhill R.C. Church, Buncrana, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. Annie was the daughter of John Gillespie a farmer in Leophon, Buncrana.

James (a farmer) died aged 77 of Cerebral Hemorrhage on 5 Dec 1940 in Linsfort, Buncrana and Annie died 10 July 1911.

James and Annie had ten children:

John (Johnny);
Mary Ann;
Daniel (Dan/Danny);
Francis Joseph;


The family plot Desertegney Parish Graveyard, Buncrana, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, has two graves side-by-side: one for the family of James Bradley and one for the family of his sister, Mary Ann Bradley.

The first grave has the inscription:- "Erected by James Bradley, in memory of his father John Bradley died 3 May 1911 aged 79 years, also his mother Nancy Bradley died 22 August 1922 aged 87 years, also his brother Patrick died 27 June 1908 aged 39, also his wife Annie Bradley died 10 July 1911 aged 39 years, also his son Francis died 24 August 1911 aged 2 months, also the above James Bradley died 5 December 1940 aged 79 years"

The age of James here is incorrect as his Death Certificate indicates age at death as being 77, a fact confirmed by the 1901 Census, which indicates his age as being 38 on the 31 March 1901).

Annie Bradley

Annie Bradley (27 Jan 1900 - 5 Jan 1996) emigrated to America and lived in the New York area. She married Pat McEleney (17 Mar 1885 - Jul 1975) and they had four sons: Peter, James, Pat and Daniel.

John (Johnny) Bradley

John Bradley (Dec 1900 - 1982) married Ellen McGory (1899 - 1967) on 5 January 1928 in Our Lady of Lourdes R.C. Church in Mulinadee, Inch. They had two children: James and John.
James married Josephine McManus (daughter of Hugh McManus and Mary Margaret McAuley) and moved to England where they had four children: John, (twins) Austin & Helen and Geraldine. Geraldine married Sean Waters.

Bertha Bradley

Bertha Bradley (12 Jan 1902 - Feb 1986) emigrated to America and lived in the New York area. She married George Brennan (13 Dec 1892 - Dec 1979) and had three children: George, James and Mary.

Mary Ann Bradley

Mary Ann Bradley (14 May 1903 ) married Hugh McGory.

Daniel (Danny/Dan) Bradley

Danny Bradley (7 Jul 1904 - 2 Sep 1991) emigrated to America and lived in the New York area. He married Kathleen and they have four children Anne, Charles, Danny and James (now a Priest).

Ellen Bradley

Ellen Bradley married William Baldrick and they have seven children: Margaret, Eileen, Nancy, Johnny, James, Matilda and Kathleen.

Catherine (Cassie) Bradley

Catherine (Cassie) Bradley married John Hagan (20 Jul 1899 - 5 Apr 1975) of Minalubin and has nine children: Anne, John, Bridget, Mary, Kathleen, Eileen, Nuala, James and Rose.

Anne Hagan married Martin Moffat and they have three children: Declan, Christopher and Fiona.
Fiona married Fergal McQuirk and they have two children: Shane and Alana.

John Hagan is single.

Bridget Hagan married John O'Sullivan and they have four children: John, Irene, Mary and Michael.
Irene married David Barlow and they have three children: Ian, Mark and Michael.
Mary has two children: Kieran and Cloee.

Mary Hagan is a religious nun and has taken the name Sister Carmelia.

Kathleen Hagan married Henry Donaghey and has six children: Carmelita, Linda, John, Mary, Seamus and Henry. ildren: Mark, Catherine, Austin John and Michelle.

Rose Bradley

Rose Bradley (26 Sep 1908 - 12 Apr 1996) emigrated to America and married Phil Hagan (10 Jan 1906 - Feb 1975). They have six children.

Patrick Bradley

Patrick (20 Mar 1910 - 28 Sep 1980) emigrated to England where he married Margaret Ann Reynolds. Patrick was a gunner in the Royal Artillery and also a Japanese Prisoner of War. They have two children: Eilish Aine and James Patrick.

Eilish married Reginald Stone (since divorced) and has three children: Kevin Reginald, David James and Christopher Patrick.

James married Angela Kearney and they have three children: Charlotte Ann, Georgina Kate and Jonathan.

Our thanks go to Austin Bradley, Martin Rooney, Eilish Stone & James Bradley who provided most of this information.