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The Bradley's from Inishowen Co. Donegal

Family of Daniel Bradley (1875 - 1957)

Daniel Bradley


Daniel married Agnes Kelly of Dublin (who died in 1954). He worked as a shoemaker and moved to Glasgow, Scotland, where they had four children:

Agnes Gertrude (called Nancy) - in picture, 1905 - 1987;
John Aloysius (called Jack), 1908 - 1984;
Kathleen (called Cathy), 1916 - 1946;
David Kelly, 1914 - 1951.

The three oldest children did not marry.

David Kelly Bradley

David Kelly was a doctor (veneriologist). He married Rachel Melrose and they had five children: Daniel, Christine, Judy, Colin and Andrew.

Daniel has married twice and has one child, Elizabeth, by his first marriage. Daniel later married Denise Curran Gray, the daughter of Gertie and Peter Curran, and the grand daughter of Denis Bradley. Denise had been married to John Gray, who passed away. They had four children: Michael Gray, Julie married Eamon McCarron; Chris Gray and Nicholas Gray.

Christine married Richard Mangan, and they have two children: Lucy and Emily.

Judy married Roger Gerrard, and they have three children: Katie, David and Thomas.

Colin married Lynn, and they have three children: Anthony, Daniel and Rachael.

Andrew married Helen, and they have two children: Jamie and Daisy.

Our thanks go to Daniel & Denise Bradley and Rachael Bradley who provided much of this information.