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The Bradley's from Inishowen Co. Donegal

Family of John Bradley (1871 - 1946)

John Bradley

John Bradley (17 Sep 1871 - 15 Mar 1946) married Margaret Fullerton (10 Aug 1879 - 4 Apr 1929), the daughter of Edward Fullerton and Mary Feeney. As a point of interest the sister of Edward Fullerton was the maternal grandmother of Tip O'Neil, who became the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

John Bradley was a joiner and worked as a cabinet maker in the shipping industry. They moved to Glasgow, Scotland where the oldest of their children were born, and later moved to Belfast, where John worked on the Titanic. It was in Belfast that the rest of the children were born and where the family were raised.

John and Margaret had seven children:

John Edmund;
Rose Mary;

In 1923, the family's home was burned to the ground along with other Catholic homes in Belfast during one of the riots. The family lost everything. Things were so bad that the youngest children (Nancy, Willie and Tommy, ages 13, 11 and 9) were sent off to stay with the Bradley's in Buncrana (James' family) for over a year while the rest of the family struggled to get by.

John and Margaret are buried in Milltown Cemetery in Belfast.

John E Bradley

John Edmund Bradley was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 10 June 1902 and married Jane (Jean) Collins in Ireland on 13 April 1925. They had seven children, all boys. The first three sons, John Edward, Robert and James were born in Ireland. The other four sons, Michael, William, Edward and Thomas were born in the USA. William died in 1939.

John was the first of the Bradley family to emigrate to America. He had worked as a carpenter (a Joiner) in Ireland, and worked as a carpenter and later as a maintenance supervisor in the New York City railway system. He became a citizen of the USA in 1934. In 1944 Jane passed away. Margaret McLaughlin, a spinster cousin, helped to raise the youngest boys. John died in 1965, and he, Jane and William are buried in St. John's Cemetery in Queens, New York.

Rose Mary (Ciss) Bradley and Nancy Bradley

Rose Mary (Ciss), the second child of John and Margaret, was born on 9 April 1904. In 1932, Ciss visited her two brothers in the USA, Johnny and Willie (Bill). On the return ship back to Ireland, she met Cornelius (Corney) Barrett, who was born on 20 November 1903, the son of Johnny and Mary (Toland) Barrett of Co. Donegal. Corney had emigrated to Canada in 1927, and then to America in 1929, where he lived in New York City with his sister Mary and her husband Mike McGovern of Co. Cavan. Corney was making a return visit to Ireland when Ciss and he met. When they went back to the USA, they continued to meet and married in January 1935.

Corney bought a farm in Tyroddy between Ramelton and Rathmullen in Co. Donegal, Ireland where he and Ciss lived and had six children: Mary, Nancy, Jackie, James, William and Danny. Ciss died on 29 August 1944.

Ciss' sister, Nancy, who was born in 1910, helped Corney to care for the children. In November 1944, Corney sold the farm in Tyroddy and moved to Belfast where Nancy cared for the children as well as for her invalid father. In April 1946, Corney and Nancy were married and bought a farm in Glentidaly, Co. Donegal, where they had five children: Eamon, Rita, Roisin, Hillary and Shirley. Roisin died in 1949.

The children refer to themselves as the "first family" and the "second family".

Corney died on 2 February 1986 and Nancy died on 28 September 1996.

Eddie Bradley

Eddie, the third child of John and Margaret Bradley was born on the 13th March 1906 and married Nora Bradley (no relative) in 1930. They lived in the Belfast area and raised seven children: Eddie Jr., Mairead, Gerard, Noel, Ursula, Noreen and Harry.

Eddie Bradley owned and managed several shoe stores in the Belfast area together with his sons, Eddie Jr., Noel and Harry.

Nora died in 1985 and Eddie passed away in 1994.

James Bradley

Frankie & Margaret (twins) with brother Paul (center)

James, the forth child of John and Margaret, was born on 31 October 1907. He married Mary Conway, daughter of Patrick and Margaret (McCormick) Conway of Co. Tyrone. They had seven children: (twins) Brendan and Paul, (twins) Frankie and Margaret, Danny, Michael and Anthony.

James worked as a professional ladies hairdresser and the family was raised in Belfast. Mary died in 1972 and James passed away in 1975.

Willie Bradley

Willie, the sixth child of John and Margaret, was born in Belfast on 4 May 1912. He was baptised as "Willie", but was known as "William (Bill)" in the USA.

Willie emigrated to America in 1930, and lived for a while with his brother, Johnny, who had come over earlier. He worked as a manual labourer, as a clerk and later as store manager for Daniel Reeves (a chain of grocery stores at that time).

On 21 June 1936, Bill married Marie Anne Lynch, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Charles Lynch and Mary Anne (Reilly) Lynch both of Co. Cavan. They had three children: William John, Mary Margaret and Kathleen.

Bill became a US citizen in 1937 and joined the New York City Fire Department in 1938. He was promoted through the ranks of the NYCFD and retired as Deputy Chief in 1973, and he and Marie moved to Florida.

Bill died on 21 June 1978, and Marie passed away on 29 September 1988. The are both buried in St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

Tommy Bradley

Tommy, the seventh child of John and Margaret, was born in Belfast on 29 July 1914. He married Emma Finney and had six children: Brian, Albert, Irene, Margaret, Thomas and Marion.

Tommy was an insurance agent and he family was raised in Andersontown, a suburb of Belfast.

Tommy died on 16 July 1983 and Emma passed away on 26 May 1992.